Some projects may require the use of special materials. Techniques can be done on any pottery piece. Specific pieces are subject to each studio's availability. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Geneva Strawberry Dot Mug

Strawberry Dot Mug

Geneva Strawberry Plaid Plate

Strawberry Plaid Plate

Geneva Strawberry Travel Mug

Strawberry Travel Mug

Geneva Papasaurus Plate

Papasaurus Plate

Geneva Dad Joke Fuel Cup

Dad Joke Fuel Cup

Geneva Hold My Hand Plate

Hold My Hand Plate

Geneva Craft Beer Plate

Craft Beer Plate

Geneva L-O-V-E Mom Plaque

L-O-V-E Mom Plaque

Geneva Mom's Heart Box

Mom's Heart Box

Geneva Mom's Ombre Mug

Mom's Ombre Mug

Geneva Mommy & Me Elephant

Mommy & Me Elephant

Geneva Watercolor Bunny Jar

Watercolor Bunny Jar

Geneva Watercolor Sedar Plate

Watercolor Sedar Plate

Geneva Afikoman Plate

Afikoman Plate

Geneva Mazto Mouse Plate

Mazto Mouse Plate

Geneva Gnome Bunny Tray

Gnome Bunny Tray

Geneva Gingham Monogram

Gingham Monogram

Geneva Spring Time Tulip Plate

Spring Time Tulip Plate

Geneva Bubbling Over with Love Box

Bubbling Over with Love Box

Geneva Loads of Love Truck

Loads of Love Truck

Geneva Cookies for Santa & Treats for Rudolph

Cookies for Santa & Treats for Rudolph

Geneva Hanukkah Light & Latkes Platter

Hanukkah Light & Latkes Platter

Geneva Green Rainbow Mug

Green Rainbow Mug

Geneva Rainbow Heart Mug

Rainbow Heart Mug